IMG 4484 hazelton law wellington construction law insurance law environmental lawHazelton LAW is a niche legal practice that specialises in the construction, insurance and environmental law. Areas in which we work include:

  • Project documentation including tendering and negotiations
  • Main and sub-contracts
  • Regulatory environment in the construction industry
  • Adjudication/Mediation/Arbitration/Litigation
  • Insolvency issues
  • Insurance issues relating to Contract Works/Professional Indemnity
  • Regulatory insurance matters, prudential and non-prudential
  • Subdivision consents
  • Land use consents
  • Local Government issues
  • Environment court

Our areas of practice often inter-relate and allow us to provide a comprehensive service to clients within the construction industry, or offer advice on a particular specialised area. As a small firm we offer services focused on a client's particular needs, for more details of some of our work look at our Areas of Law pages.

We believe that the best quality assurance is to understand our client's requirements and the business environment that they operate in. We work in an open plan office so that all lawyers can discuss ideas and share information. This provides us with greater awareness of our clients and leads to a continual refinement of arguments and ensures quality management in a way that a merely formal, process based‚ quality assurance programme cannot match.