Annie Wang

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Annie Wang
Solicitor 律师
DDI [04] 472 7670
construction • insurance • environmental






Barrister & Solicitor of New Zealand High Court (2022) 
LLB/BA Victoria University of Wellington (2021) 


New Zealand Law Society 
New Zealand Society of Construction Law 


Annie joined Hazelton Law as a law clerk in 2021 in her final year at Victoria University of Wellington and was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand in March 2022. Annie provides assistance on a range of construction law matters, including: 

  • Claims against contractors on matters involving breach of contract and negligence. 
  • Payment disputes, delays, contract variations, workmanship issues and a diverse range of design and construction issues. 
  • Adjudications under the Construction Contracts Act. 
  • Contract negotiating, drafting and reviews. 

 Annie is also a native speaker of Chinese (Mandarin) and worked as a translator and interpreter before qualifying as a solicitor. 

Annie2021年初在大学期间加入Hazelton Law,于2022年三月成为新西兰高等法院的一名律师。Annie的专业范围包括: 

  • 针对承建商的有关违约及疏忽的指控; 
  • 建筑工程中的款项纠纷、延迟交付、合同变更、做工缺陷和设计缺陷等问题; 
  • 在建筑仲裁中为承包商或屋主/出资方代理;以及 
  • 建筑合同的谈判、拟定和审阅。