Andrew Hazelton LLB (Hons) MSc


Specialises in construction and environmental law

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Andrew has specialised in construction law since being admitted a solicitor in the UK in 1990. Since that time he has been involved in front end drafting and project documentation arrangements as well as back end dispute resolution. After moving to New Zealand in 1995 Andrew also developed a specialisation in environmental law, and the Resource Management Act in particular.

His professional experience includes the consideration of the legislative environment for the construction industry. He has drafted many construction contracts and related documentation and has acted for both developers, main contractors and sub contractors in this regard.

Andrew's dispute experience is wide ranging. It extends from international arbitration work for an overseas Government to sitting as an adjudicator under the Construction Contracts Act 2002. Andrew has encountered many technical issues within the industry and is familiar with its practices and customs which allows a ready understanding of a client's issues.

In environmental matters Andrew has appeared in numerous Council hearings and at the Environment Court on many occasions. This includes consent work, issues related to the Public Works Act, plan variations and changes, designations and applications for archaeological authorities under the Historic Places Act. He has both prosecuted and defended clients under the Resource Management Act and the Historic Places Act. He advised the Masterton, Carterton and South Wairarapa District Councils on appeals arising from their Proposed Combined Wairarapa District Plan.

Andrew is the Honorary Solicitor for the New Zealand Building Subcontractors Federation (and has been since September 2000) and has been intimately involved in the development of the Construction Contracts Act 2002, which came into force on 1 April 2003. He is also a member of the Chartered Professional Engineers Council of New Zealand. The Council is the statutorily appointed body responsible for overseeing the registration of and complaints against chartered professional engineers.


Scott Galloway BA LLB


Specialises in construction and insurance law

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Scott has practiced in the fields of construction and insurance law in New Zealand and England for 20 years. He has acted for property owners, developers and construction industry professionals and their insurers, contractors and subcontractors in a wide range of disputes.
Scott has appeared in mediations, adjudications, arbitrations and in the District Court, the High Court and the Court of Appeal. He took the very first payment claim case in the courts under the CCA and has been involved in significant CCA cases ever since then.

As well as payment claim issues, Scott has extensive experience in dealing with disputes in respect of delay and liquidated and unliquidated damages, variations and defective works in residential, commercial and industrial projects.

He is heavily involved in Weathertight Homes cases. He has handled cases for home owners and for those involved in the construction of houses. Some cases have been resolved by mediation; others have been taken through to adjudication. Scott successfully defended the first appeal brought from a WHRS adjudication. He has also recently defended an appeal in the High Court.

Scott has acted for insurers and policy holders in relation to a wide range of disputes. He is the general representative in New Zealand for Lloyd's, the global insurance market. He can advise on all aspects of insurance regulation.


Rachel Conner LLB/BA

Specialises in environmental and construction law

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Since joining Hazelton Law in 2006, Rachel has advised on matters in the areas of environmental and construction law.
Rachel has appeared at Council hearings, before a Board of Inquiry and in both the Environment and District Courts on a wide range of environment matters. These include acting for landowners, companies, community groups and Local Authorities in respect of resource and subdivision consent matters, declaratory proceedings, Resource Management Act prosecutions and in respect of issues arising under the Local Government Act and Public Works Act. Rachel advised the Masterton, Carterton and South Wairarapa District Councils on appeals arising out of the Proposed Combined Wairarapa District Plan, and on other environmental and local government issues.

In construction matters Rachel advises on disputes arising under the Construction Contracts Act, the Building Act and the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act. She has successfully undertaken adjudications and defended summary judgment proceedings in the District Court for debts due under the CCA and has represented homeowners and construction parties in respect of leaky home claims in both the WHRS and the High Court.

Rachel is a current member of the Resource Management Law Association and the New Zealand Society of Construction Law.


Mark Holland LLB (Hons) BE

Specialises in construction and insurance law

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Mark joined the firm in 2014 having recently qualified as a solicitor following a career as a civil engineer.

Mark's previous work experience includes acting as Engineer's Representative and Engineer to the Contract on large infrastructure projects, particularly water and waste water. He therefore has a very "hands on" appreciation of the pressures that all parties face on site. Mark's experience makes his legal analysis of contract documents particularly focused on the practicalities of running a site.

Mark has good knowledge of the standard forms commonly used including 3910, 3915, The FIDIC suite of conditions. He recently presented a seminar on the new Health and Safety Reform Bill.

Mark is currently working in the areas of Construction and Insurance law. He has worked on a number of adjudications concerning claims for variations and extensions of time. Mark is also assisting the partners in the firm in both drafting construction contracts and other dispute resolution matters.


Sue Beasley BA

Practice Manager

Tel: (04) 472 7570
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Being the only member of our administration team means that Sue is kept busy making sure that the firm runs smoothly.