Hazelton LAW is a niche law practice that specialises in the areas of construction, insurance and environmental law. The firm was formed in 2000 when Andrew Hazelton set up the practice to respond to a need expressed by his clients for a specialised practice in the areas of construction and environmental law. In 2001 Scott Galloway joined Andrew as a partner. Scott brought with him an expertise in insurance law, hence the three areas on which the firm bases its reputation today.

In the years that the firm has been in existence it has built up a solid reputation in the areas of its expertise. We have been fortunate to have been assisted over the years in building the firm with the able assistance of past and present colleagues. Those currently working with us are Rachel Conner, Mark Holland and Sue Beasley. You can find copies of all our profiles under our "Who We Are" page. Our team is big enough to be able to work on the most complex of cases while offering a specialised and efficient service at very competitive market rates.